Iraq continues to face unprecedented cultural heritage damage, degradation and destruction. Only a long-term plan and strategy with a view to the sustainable rehabilitation of the country’s cultural infrastructure can address its manifold challenges. The purpose of this conference is to bring together Iraqi and world experts, practitioners, academics, NGOs, development agencies and policy-makers concerned with addressing Iraq’s cultural priorities.

Recent changes at the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) are in the process of fundamentally reforming Iraq’s national institution. Earlier this year there have been a number of major interventions to modernise and restructure SBAH and its relevant directories and units, including its museums. 

This work is an ongoing national project that requires broad based support and it is envisaged that an international conference will begin to consolidate these improvements and work to strengthen SBAH as an effective institution able to proactively address Iraq’s myriad challenges.

The conference will address the following topics: 

-SBAH’s reforms and strategy for the future

-Cultural continuity and the sustainable development of Iraq’s cultural heritage infrastructure 

-Iraqi Museums and prospects for collaboration and partnerships 

-Postwar conservation and preservation priorities 

-International interventions and programmes 

-Excavation and knowledge production 

-Looting, illicit trafficking and legal issues 

-Universities, experts and the potential for collaboration and partnerships 

The proposed conference will take place at the Al Rasheed Hotel, Baghdad, on 14th and 15th January and is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities. 

The two-day conference with open sessions for high-level discussions with relevant institutions, organisations and individuals. 

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